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Spanning across 5400 Square feet, the new workspace of Sumeet Trans logistics Private Limited is designed to foster an environment of communication and collaboration that represents a significant investment in the future of its workforce.

The workplace hosts a mix of open and private spaces that support flexible work modes, from heads-down focus work to collaboration. The mix of assigned and unassigned seating in the workplace, open collaboration spaces are strategically designed for smaller groups and equipped with ‘just-in-time’ meeting space, while larger meetings are hosted in enclosed meeting rooms. Different break room provides employees with moments of respite, including the office’s indoor, non-traditional break space that creates a playful opportunity for colleagues to gather and relax. It also acts as a space to collaborate with a large number of people and also to host town halls and social events.


To enhance the well being of the employee the Biophilic design is incorporated, introducing the green, keeping the open layout to get the natural light into every nook and corner of the office and sharing the outside dramatic views with everyone, stimulating a wide spectrum of physical, mental and behavioral benefits.  

The focus also is on long term commitment towards reducing the carbon emission moving towards net zero and supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nation.

The entire interior designs employed low carbon emitting and eco friendly material. When selecting manufacturers, emphasis was on choosing the one for those who source materials responsibly, utilize the environmentally friendly production methods, significantly reducing the ecological impact of their products, thus partnering with people who are equally responsible in sharing our common endeavor towards nature and sustainability.

Energy efficiency in operations plays a vital role where we have responsibly designed to allow light to naturally penetrate all parts of the office thus reducing use of lights and at the same time using energy efficient lighting systems coupled with automation to make the system extremely sustainable. The mechanical air conditioning systems employ the best in technology which uses the energy consciously thus reducing the carbon footprint.