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Power Stations

Power stations serve as the transformative hubs converting various forms of non-electrical energy into the electrical power we rely on daily. Our versatile equipment is meticulously crafted to cater to the erection and modernization needs of all types of power stations, ranging from coal and nuclear to hydroelectric, gas, and steam power plants. From transporting crucial components to facilitating on-site storage and seamless heavy load transfers, our comprehensive services extend to lifting all pivotal parts of the power station. With our innovative solutions, we’re ready to power the future of energy generation, one station at a time.

Onshore Wind

Wind Machines have been spinning imagination and innovation for centuries, initially for transportation and later for mechanical work through windmills. With the advent of electricity, the potential to generate electrical power from wind emerged. Today, the significance of renewable energy sources, including wind power, continues to grow. STLPL offers its wind energy customer’s years of experience in installing these gigantic structures in varied conditions. Our engineers are trained to come up with safe and innovative approaches for new and complex situations. Through our Pan India coverage and extensive fleet, we provide solutions that cover all aspects involved in the transportation and installation of entire wind farms. They include transport from the turbine manufacturer to the site, installation of towers, turbines and blades logistics on site, and commissioning of the turbines. STLPL is a single point of contact for Wind Energy Logistics.


The infrastructure sector serves as a vital engine for India’s economic growth, garnering significant attention from the government to foster the creation of top-notch infrastructure within set timelines. At our company, we contribute significantly to various construction endeavors, including bridges, dams, roads, and urban infrastructure development. Through our extensive fleet of oversized trailers and high-capacity cranes, we specialize in providing project cargo logistics solutions. Wherever your construction project may be, our experienced team stands ready to streamline operations and simplify the process with our wealth of operational expertise.

Steel Plants

With a deep understanding of the unique demands of steel manufacturing, we specialize in providing tailored lifting solutions to support the operations of steel plants. From the installation and maintenance of heavy machinery to the transportation of raw materials and finished products, our expert team and specialized equipment ensure efficient and safe execution of tasks within steel industrial environments. Partner with us to streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and meet your project goals with confidence.


As a leading crane rental company specializing in mining sites, we offer tailored services to meet the unique demands of the industry. From equipment installation and maintenance to material handling and transportation, our experienced team and specialized cranes ensure efficient and safe operations in even the most challenging mining environments. Partner with us to optimize productivity, enhance safety, and achieve your mining project goals with confidence.